Saturday, February 8, 2020

My night as Tinkerbell

I mean it was a pretty envelope. Pink and white with satin inlay, but no stamp.
Which meant it hadn't been mailed, but placed here by someone.
But by whom? There really wasn't any doubt who it was for.
It had my name written on it in the most beautiful penmanship I had ever laid eyes on.
Just gorgeous work.
The smell of a subtle, but an oh so sexy perfume was in the air as I opened it.
From a woman maybe?
I didn't recognize the soft sweet scent, but my pulse raced as I took it in.
The card inside was also handwritten in that same seductive handwriting. It reads.
"Your presence is requested at the Captain’s costume ball this Friday evening at 8pm sharp.
The theme this year is favorite cartoon characters. This is your only invitation.
No money is required.
 We will see to your every need.  

I blinked. I could feel the domineering presence of whoever had written this invitation.
I wasn't usually in the habit of following orders from people I didn't know.
This one seemed like I had better do as I was told, but cartoon characters?
What would I choose?
I haven't seen a cartoon since I was a little girl.
Well, a young girl as I'm not very tall, in fact, I'm rather short.
I'm 5'2 115 pounds.
So yeah. A Younger girl, not really a little girl.
In fact, the only one I can think of, well she isn't really a cartoon character per se, but she was animated.
So that would have to work right?
Well other than the fact she is a tiny short haired busty blonde. I'm a tiny long haired busty redhead.
I mean we are both tiny, busty, and pale  so that helps right?
I smile as I pick up my purse and head for my car.
The costume shoppe wasn't far from my home and surprisingly, or maybe not now that I think about it, it wasn't very busy.
They had the character I was looking for, but not the look I wanted.  It was a green shimmery 
satin corset style mini dress with a pair of forest green half boots. Alas for me it wasn't made for people with my, uh, assets.
I asked the clerk if they had one a size bigger, but this was all they had.
I'll have to manage I guess. Looking back I should have tried it on in the store. Live and learn.
Finally, it was Friday. I rushed home from work and started to prepare.
I hadn't had any luck finding a way around the blonde problem that wouldn't seriously damage my hair,
but I did find a bob styling I could do to make my hair appear shorter and pixieish.
Go me. That was the good news, well most of the good news. I looked hot as hell in my costume
.The bad part is, it was a little too tight in places making it hard to breathe. 
Not that I would want to breathe too heavily,as to do so would cause one of the twins to pop out of the corset style top. 
My major disappointment was that there were two thin silver spaghetti straps on the dress to hold itself up. 
With it being about a half size too small they cut into my pale skin and left small red grooves down my milky skin. 
Have I mentioned I love my Irish heritage? No ? 
Well, I do. I really, really do.
The other issue was it was a mini dress, with the hem up and down in random spikes.
It was supposed to look like leaves maybe, or something like that.
Instead it just showed off a lot of my thigh, rising up on me if I wasn't careful.
The green lace ruched tanga panties didn't help hide anything, from certain angles it looked like I had nothing on under this "dress".
It was very out of character for me, usually I'm more conservative in my dress, but holy hell did I look good.
For the male readers of this story, Ruched means pleated or fluted like a cheerleader's skirt.
Tangas are well kinda like thongs with more covering.
They are cut high on the legs and cover more of your ass than a thong but not as much as a bikini.
These were bunched slightly right in the middle,making it appear that my ass was pleated.
Meh. it’s a look my bubble butt can pull off. It’s why I like Tangas.

With the dress almost lacquered to my body I looked like a million bucks. 
I went with a subtle green and bluish makeup around the eyes and a soft pink lipstick to give me an innocent look.
A spritz of perfume, called fittingly Pixie's Laugh,grabbed my green pixie boots and off into the night I went.

The crisp cool air raced up my bare legs chilling my thighs. 
 It was a good cold, exhilarating. It made me feel alive.
I did pause for a second to ask myself.
 What the hell was I doing?
 I didn't know these people and yet I was going to a party,wearing less cloth than most tables.
I tugged my dress down, causing the straps to bite more into my shoulders.
 Was this a good idea?

Probably not, but it had been a while since I had done anything other than work.

The address was in a fancy part of town. Old Money.
The grey stone walls and blackened iron gate surrounded a house that was, well for lack of a better word. DAMN.
It was huge. My little apartment wouldn't qualify as a broom closet in this place. It looked like a palace from a fairy tale.
The old stone had to be every bit of ten feet tall, cracks in places, but not run down.
It was merely weathered, a testament to the character of the place,rather than a sign of disrepair.

There was a man at the gate checking invitations. He was dressed as well I didn't know the character, but I was a fan.
He was tall and dark and I wouldn't say handsome, but cute. 
The leather pants left NOTHING to the imagination though I was most impressed with his abs.
Seriously, you could slice cheese with those things.
He had muscles in his abs that science hadn't discovered yet.
I'm used to looking small when compared to most people, but I craned my head so far back it rested on my neck to see his face.  

His large hands reached out for the envelope in my hand, taking it from me , before nodding his head pointing me inside.

The exquisite reddish Oak doors opened at my arrival.
How I'm not really sure since I didn't see anyone.

The room was aglow in a faint pinkish light. I saw many people in costumes I didn't recognize, and some I did. 
2 Jessica Rabbits, Papa Smurf, and one I think was Garfield.
I was the only one dressed like Tinkerbell. I was also the only one that was half dressed.  

Apparently I made a mistake.

All well, not much I can do about that now, I thought as I grabbed a glass of a pink Champagne from a passing waiter.
I didn't get a sip before I was tapped on the shoulder by another large man in tight leather pants.
He also spoke not a word just pointed to a nearby room. I got the feeling I was supposed to go there.
I handed him my drink, was it really my drink? I mean I only picked it up. 
I sighed tugged my shirt(haha)of a dress down to give myself some modesty (as if) and
slowly walked over to the door.  I glanced back at Mr Silent, who blushed a little, apparently he liked the view of me walking away. 
He nods and I knock on the heavy wooden door.

There was a gruff voice from the other side of the room. A deep baritone.
  "Come" was all it said.
I did as I was told, which again is unusual for me. I usually am a little more defiant, ok a lot more defiant.
The room was too dark to make out much other than what looked like a table. There was a large shadow over by the table.  

My guess is he is the one who spoke to me.
I mean he would have to be. I didn't see anyone else!

 "You wanted to see me" I managed to say in a voice not much more than a whisper.
He didn't speak. Didn't move. Just stood silent.
It was very intimidating and kinda hot.  
Whoa, did I just say that?

Before he made a sound or movement, I felt rather than heard someone behind me.
A soft voice,definitely female spoke seductively.   
"Oh, my pet that suits you fine. It doesn't fit the rules we were going for you know. I mean Tinkerbell might, but she is blonde, you aren't."
I blushed in spite of myself.
"Well I wasn't really sure about changing my hair color for one night", I replied.
She giggled. It was erotically charged and made my breath catch in my throat,as my thighs quivered. I couldn’t tell if it was in desire or fear. 
Maybe both?
"Who said it was for one night pet ?"
I blinked.
"Well, I. Uhm. See what.."
She laughed a laugh that sent goosebumps running up my spine in the darkness.
 "Hush my pet. I've such plans for you. Captain if you would please."
I turned to her voice to see my admirer but before I could move I was grabbed around my waist and thrown over a man's shoulder.
I couldn't see his face from where I was, but the leather tunic against my exposed upper body and face felt smooth.
I tried to kick my legs and struggle free, but he grabbed both of my bare thighs and held them together with one large hand,stifling my dissent.
His other hand came down hard on my panty clad ass with a thud.
I yelped.  
"Hey who said you could spank me. I'm not a little girl!'
That hidden woman's voice again slunk seductively out of the darkness,causing a warmth in parts of me
that weren’t used to being awakened by a woman,no matter how hot her voice was.
 "To us, you are a pet, a toy, to be used as we see fit. Now Hush!"
With that, a large rope gag was placed in my mouth causing me to struggle even more.

Several minutes passed with me struggling to get away from the giant captain to no avail. 
 He chuckled gruffly but still did not speak.  My eyes were getting used to the low light and I could now get a better look at the room around me. 

The walls were covered in bookshelves made of a dark red wood. The nerdy side of me leapt for joy at the sight of all those books.
If I had to estimate how many it would be thousands if not more.  I love books what can I say.
The smell of the captain was a mixture of leather,alcohol and sweat. He smelled like a man’s man.
I couldn’t quite get the idea of what his costume was until I saw the silver hook sitting at the table he was formerly sitting by. 
It was a silver hook with a ball on the end of it.  

The seductive woman’s voice came again out of the air.
“That my pet is an anal hook. That little ball holds it in place and the hook itself
caresses your ass going right up the crack until it reaches the rope binding you to whatever I choose. Shall we play?”

I shuddered in fear.  Anal anything was not in my dictionary.
Although with the human mountain carrying me with ease, I was suddenly unsure if I had a choice.

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