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Brian's Fall

I was born Michael Alan Flaherty. I lived as Michael for 18 years working as a voice actor in many video games and animated cartoons,had I not developed a substance abuse problem I probably would still be happy as an undersized Irish-American voice actor. Alas.
As I said I was a voice actor,a pretty good one.  Til my experimentation with cocaine and ecstasy took hold and I missed work. The first time ok,second time is an issue,but the third time? Good bye job and good luck finding another.
That's what lead me to her.
Gemma Howell.   She was my ex girl friend. She was also supposed to be a super agent,getting anyone with talent back into the business.
She couldn't find me a job selling meat to starving wolves. Looking back I should wonder if she really tried.
It was a Friday when I walked into her office.  The frayed and faded green carpet had seen better days. Who hadn't ?  It was a small office just Gemma. No secretary. No receptionist.
"Michael, I have a job for you but, I doubt you want it.  Maybe some tea before I explain ? "
I nodded. I'd take the job if it was a Teletubbies reboot. Seriously I needed work fast.
So I suppose I should tell you a little more about Gemma and myself.
She was a knockout. I never understood what she saw in me.  She had the body of a goddess.
She stood about 5'9 without heels,which meant she towered over my 5'2  119 pound frame
She was built like an athlete,or a sex toy depending on how you viewed things.
140 pounds with measurements that could stop traffic. Seriously if I had to guess I'd say in the range of 38-27-36 with a pair of DD's that she could unleash to full effect.  It probably didn't hurt to have eyes the color of clean Caribbean oceans and hair the color of wheat fields dancing in the sun.

On the other hand, I was built like a ballroom dancer. A  female dancer. My friends joked that I could steal Julianne Hough's clothes without needing to have them tailored. She had a bigger chest that I did obviously but other than that they probably were't wrong.
Today she was wearing the hell out of a black satin sheath dress that hid nothing about the genetic miracle her body was. Seriously it was so tight if you slipped a quarter under it I could have told you what year it was.  God works in mysterious ways I had heard, but He was very happy that day,he made every male happy as well(and some women I suppose)
The tea she brought in tasted faintly of peppermints and vanilla. It tasted like Christmas smells. Steaming warm and very relaxing. I vaguely remember feeling myself slide into a mental fog,to the point of anything more complex than breathe in,breathe out would be an effort.
"Well Michael,this job is a permanent hiring from the start. You would live on site and fulfill the role of domestic servant/housekeeper for a family of 4.  Anthony and his wife Moira as well as their twins Franklin and Shirelle.  I must stress this is a high profile posting that if you screw up ,could cost you dearly as I would be forced to cut you loose,but I think you could do this. "
I nodded,still drifting away in mental laps of imaginary clouds.  I felt strongly that she knew best.
"The interview is a direct meeting with Anthony and Moira in their home and if it goes well you start today. What do you think of that?"
I nodded again as if I were falling asleep.
Gemma smiled,at which point I started having doubts about the tea or the job.
"Well then let's get you dressed for the interview,you can't win them over looking like a hardcore nerdy slacker. Come Michael and leave everything to me."
Sometime later (I can't really be specific due to the fucking tea!) I emerged from her office dressed like a horny teenagers wet dream.
Part of my brain thought the skirt and lace stockings odd,but I felt strongly compelled to follow Gemma's orders. She knew best right?  The top was a  heavy starched white business shirt,or it would have been had it not been tied off under where a pair of 32DD breast forms sat behind a white satin prison.
I should have stopped it there,indeed I wanted to. I couldn't resist. Not the clothes,not the shaving,not the injections into each of my testicles and cock.  Gemma said it would help me avoid detection and keep them nice and sedated til the interview was over.
She marched me to her red Mazda convertible.  It was an RX-8 I think. I know we got lots of cat calls and whistles in the car and on the way to the interview. It was kinda hot,despite knowing they wanted to do me as well as her.
I was still very shaky walking in the two inch black heels Gemma  had put me in.
The small silver padlocks in the locks didn't help either.

The trip to the car was short and we were only accosted once.
A contruction worker the size of a small mountain saw me stumble and caught me.
His hand landing on my ass in the barely there skirt.
I felt very intimidated by the size of his hands. The one hand covered my ass almost fully.
I was a bit upset that he copped a feel helping me to my feet. I was more upset that I liked it!
What the hell was in that tea!!
Gemma smiled as we got in the car and buckled in.
She spoke softly but directly,she was in charge and knew it.
"Now Michael,I know you probably can't talk yet,the chemicals in the tea
are powerful and you aren't very big. The thing you need to know is that
you will do what I tell you,when I tell you,how I tell you. Is that understood ?"
She was right about the not speaking part.
My throat felt like I had been gargling with razor blades of fire.
"Now I'm sure you want to know about why your body hair is gone,and why you
   are dressed like a teenage high school dropout.I'm also sure you want to know about
   the tea and those chemicals I pumped into your neck,cock and balls."
I nodded again,speech still failing me.
"Now for the time being,you have to drink that tea every morning to give yourself another day. If you don't the chemicals will,well I'm not entirely sure,probably kill you. The drawback is you will be completely devoid of the ability to say no to the first person you see after you drink it.
Kind of a double edged sword,eh?
In my head I screamed. What had this bitch done to me ?  Why had she done it ?
She continued unaware of my mental struggle to slide out of the mental fog.
"Now I figure that Michael isn't a good name for something as delicious as you appear. That construction worker was a fan. I'm thinking I'll call you Briana.  Well thats what the paperwork will say anyway. It makes sense,that fancy lingerie you have on is French after all.  Very expensive to so you best not ruin it,oh wait you really can't. Your poor cock won't work til the drugs wear off. I'm guessing maybe 8 months or so?  I love the colors of your makeup girl, it brings out your eyes and pale skin. Seriously you are divine,but missing something. Oh yes I almost forgot,these cats eye glasses. I thought black would go best against the pale skin and prissy pink lips. "
"Now as to why I did this to you. Well mostly for the money. They are paying 5 grand for the right maid. I have to admit finding out you fucked my sister while we were dating is a large part to. So I hope you enjoy this ride bitch,I know I will."
My throat was loosening up and I found I could almost speak.
Gemma was having none of that and locked a cock shaped gag in my mouth.
"Silence is golden bitch. The next stop is the DMV to get your ID remade,thankfully I've already got the important paperwork done for you. Aren't I just so thoughtful,Briana dear ?"
I sighed stuck sucking on the cock gag waiting for the next shoe to drop.
This day couldn't get any worse could it?
Shirley Manson's rich smokey voice sang us down the road to my new private hell.
Boys in the girl's room
Girls in the men's room
You free your mind in your androgyny
Boys in the parlor
They're getting harder
I'll free your mind in your androgyny "

She pulled into the DMV parking lot. Surprisingly there was only one car,a black BMW sedan. It looked shiny in the sun even the tires shone bright.
Turning the car off,Gemma looked at me.
"Now I'm sure you want to do something stupid,but I'd advise against it.After all I'm the only one who knows the cure gurlie." She laughed,even now after everything she had done it was a seductive laugh. Apparently she laughed to set me at ease and get me to let my guard down,then she tazed me.
When I came to, I was no longer in the warm desert sun. I was also blindfolded and being forced to drink that damned tea. Again!!!
Gemma was there,I could smell her perfume. It was still intoxicating. Fuck I was horny. Those drugs didn't fuck around.
"Now Briana,do what we tell you and it won't get any worse."
We? What the fuck was going on !
"Tell me you understand,slut!"
I nodded my head in assent. I mean with all the chemicals coursing through my veins,and dressed like a school girl from a porn shoot,what choice did I have?
My mouth watered as the cock gag was ripped out.
"Now Briana,when I take the blindfold off you will look straight ahead.Do not turn your head. Is that understood,if so say yes Mistress! "
I nodded,because fuck that yes Mistress bullshit,at which point I received a stiff kick in the stomach driving me to my side.
"You were given a command slut,comply before it gets worse!"
When my breath returned and I was able to speak.
"Yes Mistress."
"Good girl," with that she removed the blindfold and left me staring into the eyes of what I can only assume was a human pincushion.
Without a doubt he was the ugliest man I'd ever seen. He had piercings in his ears and nose and lips. I'm not saying one. I'm saying multiple piercings in each.  I felt my stomach sink in regards to the effects of the tea I had been drinking.
His gravely voice informed me that his name was Jason and he wanted payment for the ID he was setting up for me. He asked if I caught his drift.
Gemma laughed and said I'd be a good fucktoy for him,but that since we were on a deadline he could only use my face.
I had been told not to turn my head,but I reacted before I thought.
Staring at Gemma,I took my eyes off Jason long enough for him to kick me again and cuff my hands behind my back.
I try to turn to move away but Gemma grabs my hair,while Jason ties my legs together. After he tosses me on his desk like a fish out of water,Gemma puts this lip gloss on my lips. It burns like fire.
"Oh yeah,I forgot about that part Briana. This is a numbing agent,cept not for your body love. "
I can do nothing as this hideous man strips before me. Gemma laughs and leaves me to my fate.
Jason's cock is impressive,in that it's the first I've seen that I wasn't attached to.  It's about seven inches long and about two inches thick. His balls dangle softly beneath this inevitable doom.
His hands are rough as he grips my auburn pigtails pulling me to him.
The fleshy invader pauses briefly at my lips,rubbing against them. It continues on into my mouth. Apparently the cock gag helped make this easier for me. Not that sucking a cock is easy.
He continues on in and out at his own pace. Not really caring if I can breathe or not.
The gagging sounds coming out of my mouth don't really surprise me,
however an almost inaudible moan escapes between gasps and gags.
What the fuck is that? I can't be enjoying this.
He is raping my face now,his balls bouncing off my chin so hard that I can feel welts raising.
His breathing is faster now,he is almost at the point to decide for me. Do I swallow or wear his load.
Much to my surprise it's not really a choice the first load of salty seed shoots past my lips and tongue right down my throat,gagging me. The second dose splashes across my face,leaving me a sticky mess.
Apparently this wasn't enough for Jason. He pulled me to a sitting position on the desk before speaking.
"Now whore,that wasn't very good. I mean hell I did all the work. So if you want these pictures,and from what I understand if you don't get them,you get no more cure. I'd reccommend that you lick my cum off your face with a smile,and you better moan and act like you enjoy it.
Sighs. I did what I could. It didn't really taste that bad. A little salty but also a little sweet. 
I can't believe I'm describing how a man's cum tastes after he has raped my face while I look like a teenage whore. All this for a set of ID's that I don't want,but have to have or I'll die.  Fuck life.
My moans apparently impress him,much to my dismay. I see his erection start to grow again. He places me face down on the desk and holds me by the arms.
I feel my skirt lift and my panties start to be tugged down.
Seriously my panties.  How did this day go so wrong ?
Thankfully,Gemma choses this time to make her reappearance.
"Now,Jason, I told you we were on a tight schedule. Here is your money,let her up.
 Actually hold her there for a second."
I see the cock gag again,or what looks like it,just seconds before I feel a cold hard invasion of my ass.
The bitch rammed a second fake cock right up my ass.
"Now,Briana it's the last of the drugs I've planned for you. This one will make you incredibly horny,almost to the point of passing rational thought.
The good news is you won't need the tea anymore. The chemicals that your new friends are made from are a natural remedy to my mind control brew. But since your cock won't work,the only way you are going to get any relief from that burning lust is to either suck a cock,fuck a cock or remove your friend and live on with the tea. Aren't I just such a good Mistress, I mean it's totally your choice. Well til you run out of tea that is."
I started to mutter something.
Pretty sure it was a curse,however I was stopped when she buckled the cock gag back in my mouth.
"Oh you blew him,Briana ? I really didn't expect that. The lip gloss was just lip gloss. No numbing agent. You could have stopped anytime. If you had wanted to. Thanks for the ID Jason,you do good work.
Look at that baby you are now Briana Kendall."
If I ever get out of this predicament,I'm coming back and burying this bitch!
Gemma's last "gift" was to lock a pair of earbuds playing one song over and over.
 Her idea of humor I suppose.

There's a hole in our soul
That we're fillin' with dope
And we're feeling fine
There's a hole in our soul
That we're fillin' with dope
And we're feeling fine
There's a hole in our soul
That we're fillin' with dope
And we're feeling fine
I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me
I don't like the drugs, the drugs, the drugs
I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me
I don't like the drugs, the drugs, the drugs

Between the heels,the shame and the eight inch invader in my ass, I could say
 I had a nice feminine walk.
My hips swayed like palm trees in a light breeze,or so Jason told me,after smacking
 me on the ass and watching me walk out.
"I can't believe that is a man." I heard his baritone say.
Gemma replied in that sexy voice of hers
 "Well she was man,after taking that monster of yours who knows now. "
I blushed in spite of myself. I hadn't wanted to suck his cock.
I mean I would have fought it,had I known that was an option right?
I wasn't sure anymore. If she was lying about the lip gloss. Who knew what else she was lying about.
The bright sun flashed in my face disorienting me for a second.
The sound of pairs of heels clicking on hot asphalt echoed around me.
I spun to face Gemma to ask her if she was done yet.
I managed to get Ar.. out before the world went black.
I came to in the car,well a car. I don't think it was the Mazda anymore. I couldn't see anything thanks to being blindfolded again,but it smelled different.
"Now Briana,you will obey,or I'll drop you off down by the docks,dressed as you are,we both know what would happen. Don't we ?"
My mouth was gagged again so I nodded my assent.
Her laughter pealed in the darkness.  Still arousing and infuriating.
"So what are you thinking about my pet ? How to get free and pay me back for all of this ?"
 She asked knowing I couldn't answer.
I made a sound that I hoped sounded like a growl.  Fuck yes I was pissed.
Stupid bitch dressed me like this and set me up to blow a guy.
Did she think I was going to be ok with this?
At this point she removed the gag.
I paused before speaking,partially to collect my thoughts,but mostly because I didn't want to be tazed again.
"Gemma,seriously this is about me banging your sister ? It wasn't as if you were fucking me.
I had to go somewhere,besides if I had to guess I'd say she enjoyed it.
She did come back three times after all."
"See,Briana that's what I'm talking about. You can't just leave well enough alone.
 This is to teach you to respect women,well everyone really,but mostly women.
We are more than fuck toys. Well if I play this right you won't be,but we are."
"So is that your plan,to make me some freaky crossdressing fuck toy ?
 Cause that isn't going to happen,I can assure you."
"Of course it is Briana. I mean you did suck that dick on your own. I certainly didn't make you.
 Jason would have stopped ,had you asked."
"Oh I'm sure, I mean dressed like a porn starlet,bound and drugged out of my mind.
Yeah,I'm sure he would have been a perfect gentlemen.
I also seem to remember someone implying that I was paralyzed."
She laughed again,"Did you even bother to try to move.
Or did you lay there and accept his offered cock Briana?"
I started to speak,but stopped. I wasn't sure anymore.

Oh, if I could go back in time
When you only held me in my mind
Just a longing gone without a trace
Oh, I wish I'd never ever seen your face
I wish you were the one
I wish you were the one
Oh, I wish you were the one
I wish you were the one that got away

The drive takes over an hour. I lose track of where we are in the city.
She turns left and right and left again so fast I barely can keep up.
It doesn't really matter,my mind is swimming with the events of the day.
"Now Sissy bitch, It is important to me that you know what is going to happen to you.
 I'm going to sell you to the Kendall family. If they don't want you well then I'll use the rest of
my drug stash and see what it does to your little cocksucker mind. So if I were you.I'd make them love me!"
She says that all with a note of finality. I mean what else could she possibly do to me.
I've already had my face violated and been dressed like a school girl gone wild.
What more could she possible have in mind for me ?
All of this ,as punishment for fucking her sister?
I mean sure we were dating at the time and her sister was 5 years
older than we are,but seriously she looked so hot in that USC Song girl outfit.
We stop in front of a house the size of well fuck if I know. It's huge. At least three stories tall.
From the looks of it you could play many games of baseball on the front yard,at the same time.
"Well,Briana, Welcome to what for your sake is your new home.
I'd be careful apparently Anthony has a thing for the Lolita school girl type." She giggles.
Great,now I have to persuade a Horny male and his wife
to keep me on as their maid,while trying to avoid being fucked.
I sigh and lower my head,long enough for her to inject something in my left arm.
"Just an insurance policy,from what I hear it will make you incredibly horny."
 That fucking laugh again.
We get out of the car and approach the main door,heels clicking in unison.
I want to run,but that part of my brain doesn't seem to be working anymore.
Anthony Kendall opens the door.  What no butler I want to say,but I manage to hold my tongue.
He towers over me,hell he towers over Gemma as well. In her heels she is about 5'8 and he is easilly almost another foot taller. In my case I could sit on his shoulder and dangle my legs as if he were a tall chair.
His voice is deep and confident as he invites in. Apparently his wife will not be joining us. Well that helps. Sigh.
The room he drags us to is what appears to be a dining room. The white marble table has to be twelve feet long,covered with a white satin tablecloth. He sits at the end between Gemma and myself.  Anthony to my right. Gemma across from me.
I can already tell that Anthony is going to be a problem,and I'm not quite sure if he knows
I'm not the teen girl he thinks.
Gemma starts out the conversation for us.
"Well this is the little bitch maid I have for you. The price is $5000 as agreed."
"Wait a minute,how can I tell if she is any good as a maid ?
I mean for 5k she better be damned good." he retorts.
"Good point,Briana get off your lazy ass and get him something to drink."
 Her smirk is enough to make me hate her.
"No no,nothing like that," He says his hand firmly placed on my thigh patting me.
My inner voice screams. I want this ape to get his hands off me.
However that voice is being drowned out. The lust rises in me. Between his massaging hand at my stocking top,and my legs wrapped in the satin stockings moving agianst themselves. I feel my arousal rising and starting over ride all thought.
Gemma however has other ideas.  "Well take the little slut into any room in the house,ask her what she would do to make it presentable. "
Anthony nods. "That is acceptable,as long as you stay here and wait for Moira. It is however my home."
Gemma smirks. "Of course,I"ll wait right here. Go along Briana and earn your keep."
I nod(why the hell) and stand following this giant man whom I am depending on.

In my darkest hours I could not foresee
That the tide could turn so fast to this degree
Can't believe my eyes
How can you be so blind?
Is the heart of stone, no empathy inside?
Time keeps on slipping away and we haven't learned
So in the end now what have we gained?

-Our Solemn Hour  by Within Temptation

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Brian's Fall

I was born Michael Alan Flaherty. I lived as Michael for 18 years working as a voice actor in many video games and animated cartoons,had I n...